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  1. I judge a man by his height...when he is standing on his wallet-UNG
  2. I love kids and marriage as it means more child and spousal support for me-UNG
  3. Why can my man not be a part of my portfolio or financial plan?-UNG
  4. What a girl wants? Is that actually a question?-UNG
  5. My man has the best heart: he wins distance races high on the nose candy-UNG
  6. I like my men, coffee and chocolate the same: dark and rich-UNG
  7. I will stop procrastinating; starting tomorrow-UNG
  8. Never sat on a junior mining board but I know how to mine for precious metals-UNG
  9. My favorite machine at the gym is the ATM-UNG
  10. Gold digger is offensive! Domesticated monogamous prostitute is more apt-UNG
  11. I prefer my married men with dalmatian spotted failing livers-UNG
  12. I have a bender each month when I get my period-UNG
  13. Not a gold digger; I wear diamonds-UNG
  14. Rohypnol for him, plastic for me-UNG
  15. My favorite type of black relationship is with AMEX Black-UNG
  16. All vaginas are not created equal-UNG
  17. Girls just want to have funds-UNG
  18. If I had to declare all my taxable benefits with the men I used, I would be in jail for life-UNG
  19. I drink heavily at lunch so I do not have to cook dinner or sleep with my husband-UNG
  20. I have been on more hunts than the FBI-UNG
  21. I love six inches long, two inch wide 100 bills-UNG
  22. I wear my track shoes to the first date in case he is broke-UNG
  23. Prenup? Then there is no point in getting married-UNG
  24. Prostitution? Because being a prom queen did not pay for med school-UNG
  25. I love plastic not latex-UNG
  26. I make him bring the credit card to bed so I can order online at the same time-UNG
  27. After marriage, I always ensure that his credit cards are in my room but not him-UNG
  28. Knee pain means no wallet pain-UNG
  29. I could work nine to five but why not spousal support from five former guys-UNG



Ungovernable alternative (because caitlyn jenner was an incredible male athlete before....)

I cannot stand all of these bisexuals, I am looking for a "straight homo"-UNG


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We define Ungovernable like the dictionaries (we are amenable to follow when its appropriate to do so): "escape the control".