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Scientifically Oriented

Thinning hair is a sensitive issue affecting men and women in different and unique ways. The Ungovernable formulas and complexes are different in that they attack this stressful epidemic issue in a revolutionary way. It rebrands thinning hair, stimulates your existing growth and lengthens your anagen (growing) phase by working harmoniously with your glands. Put differently, your quality changes, your follicles are stimulated while growing for longer periods. Thinning may be “natural” but that does not mean you have to accept it. Ungovernable can mean “defiant” and our products are defiant to that allegedly natural process. 

Hair Biology

Follicle and Shaft

Hair has two distinct structures:

1.   the follicle itself, which resides in the skin; and

2.   the shaft, which is visible above the scalp.

Sheaths and Glands

There are two sheaths that surround the follicle: an inner; and outer sheath. These structures protect and form the growing hair shaft. The inner sheath follows the hair shaft and ends below the opening of a sebaceous (oil) gland, and an apocrine (scent) gland.  

The scent gland is obviously not as relevant to hair growth and coverage but produces pheromones that make you irresistible and the healthier the glands; the more potent the pheromones. 

Sebaceous Gland: Mutual Support and Reciprocity

The sebaceous gland is vital because it produces sebum, which conditions the hair and skin. After puberty, our body produces more sebum but as we age we begin to make less sebum. Women have far less sebum production than men do as they age. When the scalp and hair are conditioned naturally by the sebaceous gland, you the fertile ground for hair growth and render the anagen (growing) phase far more effective and productive. The Ungovernable products facilitate that process. 

Expedited Secretion Formula ("ESF")

Ungovernable™ is the first company to create, manufacture and distribute a proprietary formula that is embedded in its fixative line that expedites secretion of the natural oils (sebum) of your sebaceous glands. Your hair roots and scalp will be conditioned far more regularly which promotes the growing phase to help give you hair volume. Style and volumize at the same time!  

Follicle Enhancer Treatment ("FET")

For the Ungovernable movers and shakers, the product are the first ever fixative and follicle enhancer duo. Instead of paying for your fixative line and worrying about whether it is simply making your hair greasy and clumpy, the Ungovernable fixative lines not only style effectively but they enhance the size of the follicle so that it produces a bigger strand of hair. The FET professional complex of thickening polymers wraps each hair and extends to form bonds between hairs to create viable growing space. The polymer complex gives each a thicker hair and this optimal space makes a denser style easier to achieve. This light-weight formula helps to create texture and thickness while helping control your style. This product comes in larger metal containers (not plastic hacks) and they are packed with the ESF™, ETC and FET™ that defiantly maintains your hair in the anagen (growing) phase so the hair is never falling out or resting.

Optimally Shampoo and Condition with Essential Hair Treatment 

We know that we need to shampoo but there are so many misconceptions about conditioner and, as result; many do not use them. You are doing your hair a disservice if you do not condition! But you are doing a hair an equal disservice if you do not reap the benefits of hair loss prevention and regrowth treatments.

There are much cutting edge “treatments” on the market but these “well established companies” are excessively charging for factional amounts of ingredients that can be included in your fixative line. The fixative line products are analogous to a “one stop source” for your hair styling and treatment needs!

As we age, overall hair density changes and individual strands can become finer. Shampoo and conditioner are meant to go together as a system. If you shy away from conditioner because you feel like it is too heavy or weighs your hair down, you are not using the optimal one for your hair type.

You have heard the horror stories and these latest fads about shampooing and conditioning too much. This may be true if you are using drug store brands. However, it is also relates to the type of follicle enhancer treatments that you are using in conjunction with your shampoo and conditioner. Ungovernable only recommends using the highest quality shampoo (cleanse) and a conditioner (restore moisture) but it is the hair treatments that enhance thickness and elongate the growing phase. We biasedly recommend Buy Beauty Products as that is where Ungovernable products sell (https://www.buybeautyproducts.com/collections/hair).

Hair is much like fine fibers in our wardrobes: the more intense washing, the more wear and tear. With the Ungovernable fixative lines, you can afford the intensity because the potently packed products (unlike the overpriced singular treatment counterparts) will rebrand your hair structure to withhold that intensity.  

Shampoo and conditioning is far more effective when your sebum is at an optimal amount which can only occur when are using the ESF™ and FET™ from Ungovernable. The highest quality ingredient based shampoos, conditioners and treatments should work in trilateral harmonious fashion.  

If you are not using a hair treatment that expedites secretion of your natural oils and enhances your follicles, then you have not considered “hair vanity and vitality” as a real priority. Simply put, you are not reaching your “hair potential”. 

Balance between Shampoo and Sebum  

You want to cleanse your scalp with shampoo and restore hair moisture with conditioner while producing the most amount of sebum. You want your hair to reclaim its natural fullness and body and that happens by activating your natural sebum with ESF™ and the DHT Cessation Complex (“DCC™”). Each Ungovernable fixative product contains the DHT Cessation Complex™, which contains finasteride, which halts the conversion of testosterone into its more potent form, DHT, which is the primary cause of hair loss. Effectively, you are halting hair loss, elongating the hair growing phase and enhancing the thickness of each follicle while maintaining the optimal hair spacing. 

DHT Cessation Complex (“DCC”)

Each Ungovernable fixative product contains the DHT Cessation Complex ("DCC")™, which contains finasteride, which halts the conversion of testosterone into its more potent form, DHT, which is the primary cause of hair loss.

Eyelash Thickening Complex (“ETC”)

There is no area of hair thickening that takes follicle growth and look as intensely as the eyelash thickening and lengthening, and Ungovernable has utilized those secrets into the fixative line. The ETC contains a proprietary blend of oleanolic acid, apigenin (from parsley), and biotin (the “ETC”).The ETC is another distinguishing factor of this fixative line and we ensure that it has the full strength has been applied to the products and we have the scientific data to prove it. The ETC causes increased micro-circulation in the scalp and hairs. When you apply the ETC complex, you are using the years of scientific research that women use to focus on lengthening and thickening those smaller eyelash hairs to each follicle on your head. It is a formula that applies a level of scientific precision that is unparalleled.

Vitamin Enriched

These revolutionary hair products are also potently and packed with vitamins d, biotin, niacin, iron and super GLA that have been proven to improve hair growth, thickness and density. It also encourages the body to produce healthier and thicker strands. You can reach for one product with one with Ungovernable to give you a multitude of benefits. 

Ungovernable Bond™

In summation, the Ungovernable Bond™, through its fixative lines, warranties the following:

1.   Promotes your scalp to condition itself and your hair naturally;

2.   Increases your natural sebum with the ESF™;

3.   Enhance your follicles with FET™;

4.   Balances the amount of cleansing and conditioning to your optimal level;

5.   Inhibits DHT which causes hair loss;

6.   Vitamin enriched for repair and reconstruction; and

7.   Extend the anagen (growing) phase of your hair while thickening your existing and newly grown hair with the ETC™, ESF™ and FET™.

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