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Ungovernable News: Cromartie with that 14th kid on the way! Man of the year! Cromartie vs. Phelps to see how has the best swimmers!

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 Ungovernable News: Cromartie with that 14th kid on the way! Man of the year! Cromartie vs. Phelps to see how has the best swimmers! 

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The 2017 NFL got underway on Thursday when the defending champs New England Patriots lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. While many were shocked by the results, Comedian Michael Rapaport let loose on the champs, telling his many followers Tom Brady looked like a 47-year-old on the field. No stranger to telling the world whats on his mind, Rapaport believes the athlete of the year title should be given Antonio Cromotutie for his feats off the field.

Rapaport took to Instagram saluting the ten year NFL veteran after he announced that his 14th child was on the way. "We gotta salute some of the players for what they are doing off the field, Antonio Cromartie congratulations on your 14th kid," Rapaport said after revealing his excitement for the upcoming season. "Antonio Cromartie had his third kid since having a vasectomy, I'm gonna keep it funky, I had a vasectomy, and I shoot that good pumpy water all day every day, but Antonio Cromartie broke the levy, three f**king times."

Despite the fact Cromartie is currently a free agent after his stint with the Indianapolis Colts last season, Rapaport feels fathering a 3rd child post vasectomy is enough for consideration for some award. "Sports illustrated I'm sure the leading contenders for sportsman of the year are Tom Brady and Kevin Durant but we gotta throw Cromartie's name in the hat."

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